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The ÉRMA Ensemble is an international collaborative project of young musicians in Europe who are dedicated to performing the music of our age to the highest standard. Acclaimed conductor Yorgos Ziavras and a highly specialized group of soloists and chamber musicians from all over the world connected in their love and passion for contemporary music. Founded in 2019 they performed masterworks such as the “Vortex temporum” by Gérard Grisey and “cosmigimmicks” by Unsuk Chin (in attendance as well as under the guidance of the composer) to great acclaim. The members of the Ensemble maintain a healthy working relationship with both young and upcoming composers as well as established ones such as Helmut Lachenmann, Unsuk Chin and Peter Eötvös.



The word "HOAX" originally derived from the word Hocus Pocus, describes a falsehood that masquerades as the truth. This name represents the enthusiasm of this Quartet for surprising, enigmatic, ambiguous, provoking and ear-catching New Music. The HOAX Quartet was founded in 2017 by four young outstanding guitarists, Augustin Nazzetta, Damiano Pisanello, Jinhee Kim und Tobias Krebs who dedicate their passion to extensive modern music for guitar. Their wide repertorie includes not only pre-existing works in different styles such as by Vinko Globokar, Steve Reich, Michel Roth, James Saunders, Beat Furrer, and Georg Friedrich Haas, but also collaborations with young composers, such as Joss Smith (*1993), Manuel Zweger (*1992), and Tobias Krebs (*1993). Their sense of interpretation for contemporary music has already been recognized and given credit.

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